Jamey Blacksmith

Lead Vocals, Guitars

„100% Cowboy“: This motto fits frontman Jamey like a glove. “Wild Horses, US Made Guitars, Tennessee Whiskey and Cowboy Hats & Boots” are his passion. “How a Cowboy Lives”: Jamey discovered his love for Hard Rock & Country Music and horses at a young age and started playing acoustic guitar, singing and riding. Also the fascination for horses and the rodeo didn’t let go of him, so that he works with his horses every day and could even gain bull riding experience. “Cowboy till I Die”: So Jamey is not only a passionate musician but also a real cowboy. When he was young, his musical idols were called Guns ‘n Roses and Bon Jovi, and now Brantley Gilbert, Keith Urban and Garth Brooks. “Ride Again”: With his energetic stage show he electrifies the audience and draws them under his spell. You can’t help it, you just have to join his “Ride” on stage. In the same way Jamey succeeds in making his audience dream with dreamlike ballads and a lot of feeling. You notice immediately that he lives every word he sings and every story he tells.

Jamey‘s Equipment: Gibson & Taylor Guitars, Sennheiser, Shure