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Are you Cowboy enough?

THE WILD RIDE is THE Country-Rock band from Munich that has managed to bring modern country music from the US and thus close a gap long awaited by fans. Jamey Blacksmith and his band THE WILD RIDE bring this to the stage in an energetic show. They entertain their audience with PURE COUNTRY ROCK, true to the motto: 100 Percent Cowboy“. THE WILD RIDE, five outstanding musicians and award winners: frontman and singer / songwriter Jamey Blacksmith, guitarist / songwriter Richie Ryna, the mighty bassman “The Digger”,  italian piano virtuoso O’razio and the professional and internationally known drummer Earny Covax.

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TWR’s Brand New Album – Back In The Saddle



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Original Released Songs


“Take The Reins” released August 29th, 2021 on all streaming media platforms:

Take The Reins Cover

All online earnings from this song in 2021 will be donated to the Salzburg Children’s Cancer Aid:


“Ride Wild (The Parteey Song)”released March 15th, 2019 on all streaming media platforms:

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